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Author The Body in the Back Seat - Coming Soon

The Body in the Back Seat - Coming Soon By Dick Lochte

It's the 1960s...and a writer for a wild men's magazine is finds himself entangled in mystery and murder in this irreverent, tricky whodunit.

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Author The Old Man's Place

The Old Man's Place By John Sanford

A trio of vicious World War One veterans descend on a farm in the Adirondack mountains. The arrival of a mail-order bride ignites a tinderbox of resentment, lust, and betrayal among the men that explodes in brutal depravity, bloody violence and shocking death. A literary, crime fiction classic.

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Author Their Man in the White House

Their Man in the White House By Tom Ardies

An obscenely wealthy businessman, who has a strange relationship with his adult daughter, is running for President of the United States and intelligence agencies fear that he may be a Soviet puppet. Sound familiar? No, these aren't the Trumps. But in 1971, author Tom Ardies saw the future in a wild, political spy novel that has now become the perfect thriller for our time.

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Author Blues in the Night

Blues in the Night By Dick Lochte

A hard-boiled, Shamus Award-nominated novel of redemption, a lightning-fast thrill ride, a witty whodunit and an edgy, no-holds-barred love story that reads like a modern day "Maltese Falcon" on steroids...by one of the most acclaimed and admired writers in crime fiction.

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Amazon Interviews Lee Goldberg

Brash Books co-founder & NY Times bestselling novelist Lee Goldberg is interviewed by Amazon about the publishing success that led to the creation of Brash Books

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WRITING OLD ANGER: The Heart of the Matter in a Southern Crime Story

Phillip Thompson’s crime novel Outside the Law scored wide acclaim from critics and major league authors like David Morrell, Linwood Barclay and Reed Farrel Coleman. Now the long-awaited sequel, Old Anger, is now available and is already scoring raves from Publishers Weekly, and authors like Joe R. Lansdale and S.A. Cosby. Phillip stopped by to share with us the story behind the story….

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Brash News: All Kinds of Praise

Our discovery and publication this month of Ralph Dennis’ lost manuscript ALL KINDS OF UGLY is big news in the publishing industry, making headlines in this week’s issue of Publishers Weekly…and CHAMPAGNE COWBOYS, the long awaited sequel to the double Spur Award winner DOUBLE WIDE, is coming out in just a few days!

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Uncovering the “DUST IN THE HEART”

I struggled over whether to publish Dust in the Heart or to keep it in a drawer. The original manuscript was nearly 100,000 words and it was a mess … and yet, there was still something haunting, melancholy, and powerful about the book that wouldn’t let me go…

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Barbara Neely Named Mystery Writers of America Grandmaster

Brash author Barbara Neely has been named this year’s Grandmaster by the Mystery Writers of America.

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FIREBALL – Long Lost, Unpublished Jimmy Sangster Novel Found

BIG NEWS! We’ve found a long-lost, never-before-published Jimmy Sangster novel! It’s called Fireball…and here is the incredible story behind the major, literary discovery.

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The Wit and Wisdom of Shell Scott

“He lay there with his face on the cement, in his own blood and wastes. Lesson for would be killers: Either don’t miss with your first shot, or else eat light, go to the john, take an enema, and be ready to die neat.” Kill Him Twice

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The Summer of Sangster

We’re declaring this the Summer of Sangster as we proudly release all of the incredible crime novels and espionage thrillers by Jimmy Sangster, one of the most beloved and versatile writers in the genre… and the truly legendary writer/producer/director of scores of classic Hammer Horror films in the UK.

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Here’s Robert Randisi’s full, 1987 review of Jimmy Sangster’s hardboiled classic BLACKBALL, which Brash Books has just re-released in new ebook & trade paperback editions. Randisi is the founder of the Private Eye Writers of America.

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