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Author The Preacher: Aces & Eights - Coming in May 2017

The Preacher: Aces & Eights - Coming in May 2017 By Ted Thackrey

The Preacher gambles for an atomic bomb...and the fate of Las Vegas hangs in the balance.

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Author Koreatown Blues - Coming in February 2017

Koreatown Blues - Coming in February 2017 By Mark Rogers

When a young man buys a car wash in LA's Koreatown, he gets a young Korean wife he's never met as part of the bargain and plunges into a centuries old blood feud.

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Author Road to Purgatory: Coming in February 2017

Road to Purgatory: Coming in February 2017 By Max Allan Collins

The brilliant sequel to Road to Perdition, Max Allan Collins’ masterpiece of crime fiction that became both a literary and cinematic classic. Michael O'Sullivan returns from WWII and infiltrates the mob to avenge his family from within.

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Author The Soak - Coming in May 2017

The Soak - Coming in May 2017 By Patrick McLean

An aging, professional thief who chases one last, big score into the eye of a Florida hurricane.

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Meet Milicent Le Sueur

From Margaret Moseley, the Edgar Award-nominated author of the bestselling Bonita Faye, comes a wickedly funny, delightfully unusual mystery novel featuring a very unlikely detective.

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Max Allan Collins is named Grandmaster, The Highest Honor in Mystery Writing

We’re delighted to announce that The Mystery Writers of America has named Max Allan Collins a Grandmaster — the pinnacle of achievement in mystery writing. The award honors his important contributions to the genre as well as for a stellar body of work that is, as they put it, “both significant and of consistent high quality.” We couldn’t agree more!

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Collins on QUARRY: The Author Reviews His TV Series

I get e-mails and comments from some readers bemoaning that the show isn’t like the books, and in some cases I have been criticized for essentially selling out, letting a bunch of Hollywood punks run roughshod over my creation. Well, first of all, if somebody wants to give me money to make a movie or TV show out of my stuff, and the price is right, they can star a sock monkey and set the show on Venus for all I care. As James M. Cain said (slightly paraphrasing here), “Hollywood hasn’t done anything to my books – they’re right here on the shelf.”

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Milicent - 9-2

Writing MILICENT LE SUEUR: Born on a Zipity Do Dah Morning

I love Milicent LeSueur. I spent several happy months with her exploring boundaries, being surprised by her twists and turns, and wondering “where in the world” that thought or scene came from to the point where I began to worry about myself.

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Milicent - 9-2

A Glowing Review For MILICENT LE SUEUR

We’re delighted to share Publishers Weekly’s glowing review for our new edition of Margaret Moseley’s MILICENT LE SUEUR, which we’re publishing on November 1st.

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Perdition - P02 copy

Starred Review for ROAD TO PERDITION

The new, expanded edition of Max Allan Collins’ ROAD TO PERDITION won a coveted STARRED REVIEW from Publishers Weekly today and we’re so excited that we have to share the good news…and, of course, the review!

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Brash Picks, Peeks, and Cheap Thrills

Fall has officially arrived, and it’s going to be filled with excitement here at Brash Books! From sneak peeks to cheap thrills to a big, brash end-of-summer bash, read on for all the latest news.

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Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman

A Brash Birthday

Two years ago today, bestselling authors Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman launched Brash Books with thirty titles, most of them acclaimed, award-winning books that had fallen out of print…and that we brought back in new print and digital editions.

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Perdition - P02 copy

Max Allan Collins: The Long Road to Perdition

The DreamWorks licensing department put me through hell, making me cut anything – including dialogue! – that wasn’t directly from the script. They could not have cared less that I was the creator of this story and its characters. Even after they had accepted my 40,000-word debasement of my original novel, they kept cutting…

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