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Author Fifteen Minutes to Live - The Audiobook

Fifteen Minutes to Live - The Audiobook By Phoef Sutton

Written & Performed by Phoef Sutton

Carl’s first love returns and rekindles their sexually-charged romance. There’s just one problem. She died three weeks ago. Is she an imposter? A ghost? Or is the answer even more chilling? A brilliant thriller from a multiple Emmy-Award winning writer & New York Times bestselling author

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Author Touchfeather - Coming in 2018

Touchfeather - Coming in 2018 By Jimmy Sangster

The wild, swinging '60s espionage thriller is back! Katy Touchfeather is an airline stewardess who's actually a deadly British spy, tracking a scientist suspected of selling secrets to the Russians.

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Author Double Wide

Double Wide By Leo W. Banks

Disgraced former baseball phenom Prospero Stark turns detective when someone leaves his former catcher's severed hand on the doorstep of his Airstream trailer.

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Author Milicent Le Sueur - Audiobook

Milicent Le Sueur - Audiobook By Margaret Moseley

The audiobook edition of Margaret Moseley's novel, read by Jan Ross

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The Long Road

Max Allan Collins introduces you to the Complete Perdition Saga... now available together in terrific uniform editions from Brash Books, including the complete novel of ROAD TO PERDITION in print for the first time.

From The Blog

Getting in Touch with Touchfeather

Jimmy Sangster was an amazing writer.  He was one of the best screenwriters for Hammer’s horror movies, and he was all over U.S. TV in the ’70s (check out his IMDb entry).  He also wrote novels, several of which I read and enjoyed, including two about a spy named Katy Touchfeather.

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Leo Banks takes his “Double Wide” On the Road

That’s a weekend for you – the true story of a daring rescue, braying donkeys, good folks and good books. Only in dear old Arizona.

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Max Allan Collins: On the Road to Paradise

Road to Paradise was an especially difficult one to put together, making me flex narrative muscles – characterization depths – that I hadn’t before or since. I think of it as a kind of deadpan tragedy, with some blood-spattered redemption by journey’s end.

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Leo Banks: The Story Behind DOUBLE WIDE

Brash Books will publish my first novel, Double Wide, on Nov 1. I wrote the first version of it in the 1980s. What are we looking at here, more than three decades? Sounds about right…

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Max Allan Collins: Support Your Local Bookseller…And Amazon, Too.

When I see a book in Barnes & Noble, or any bookstore, I didn’t know existed, that is where I buy it. I don’t look it up on Amazon to see how much cheaper it is. And when I do buy a book (or any media-type item) from Amazon, I buy it from them, not a secondary seller – I want the author and the publisher to benefit, so that more books can happen.

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Max Allan Collins: A Cancellation and a Nomination

HBO/Cinemax has officially cancelled the Quarry series, but this comes as no surprise. A shake-up at the network, as well as a conflict between the star (who is committed to another series pilot) and the director of all eight episodes, spelled it out long ago.

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Andy Straka: On Cancer, Vulnerability and Action Heroes

the best heroes display genuine humanity and vulnerability. Moreover, the best protagonists don’t shy away from their vulnerability but embrace it. They understand their vulnerability isn’t their weakness–it is the source of their strength.

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Max Allan Collins: The Grandmaster Speaketh

(In my Edgar speech) I did manage to talk about the three key mentors of my early professional career – two of whom were MWA Grand Masters themselves, Donald E. Westlake and Mickey Spillane. I mentioned that Don had given his blessing when Bait Money sold, and generated sequels, even though they were outrageously imitative of his work. And I shared some writing advice Mickey gave me – “Take your wallet out of your back pocket before you sit down to write.” To which I said to Mickey, “Mick, I’m pretty sure your wallet is fatter than mine.”

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