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Author Umbrella Man

Umbrella Man By Doug Swanson

The fourth, wild Jack Flippo adventure, “a comic caper worthy of Carl Hiassen or Elmore Leonard, with a uniquely Texas twist.” Booklist

Jack is trying to trace a home movie that could prove there was a second shooter, the so-called “Umbrella Man,” involved in the JFK assassination. To find it, he’s plunges into the world of conspiracy theorists and hucksters, including a woman with an inflatable doll collection in her living room and an ex-cop who drives tourists around Dealey Plaza in his 1963 Lincoln convertible while playing radio reports about the killing. But the assassination Jack should be worrying about is his own… there’s an oxygen-dependent hitman who wants the PI in his crosshairs.

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Author The Oswald Trilogy

The Oswald Trilogy By Harry Hunsicker

All three novels in the Shamus Award-nominated series of hard-boiled PI novels. "If this doesn’t light you up, seek immediate medical help." Lee Child

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Author House of Corrections

House of Corrections By Doug Swanson

The uproarious fifth and final Jack Flippo adventure, a “hard-boiled novel at its grittiest and most unsentimental.” Booklist

A lawyer arrested in a small town for his part in a drug deal gone horribly, violently wrong asks his old buddy Jack to clear his name. To do that, Jack will have to find his friend’s missing wife Angelique, who is lost at sea…and who had an affair with Jack years ago. And he’ll have to stay one step ahead of a shady DEA agent-turned-comedian, a relentless female reporter desperate for a big story, and a ruthless killer who is leaving a trail of corpses. 

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Author 96 Tears

96 Tears By Doug Swanson

Jack Flippo is back for a third outrageously inventive adventure, “which will be good news to fans of the Dallas-based PI and all those who like their crime fiction slathered in broad comedy.” Publishers Weekly

Life is never easy for Jack. The struggling PI is hired by ex-stripper Sherri Plunkett, now a married millionairess, to protect her long-lost daughter Sandra, a lusty starlet with a hit TV show, from a stalker…at the same time that he’s being stalked by two revenge-driven killers himself.

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Dead Man's Badge Audiobook is Here!

Career criminal Longview Moody, on the run from killers, assumes his dead twin brother's identity as the new chief of police of a Texas town that's being terrorized by a Mexican drug cartel.

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They say write what you know and I know Dublin: the wet streets, the mad people, the pubs (751 of them, currently I’ve done 160) the bad weather, the parks, the tourist spots. How can ye not love this dirty city?

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WRITING OLD ANGER: The Heart of the Matter in a Southern Crime Story

Phillip Thompson’s crime novel Outside the Law scored wide acclaim from critics and major league authors like David Morrell, Linwood Barclay and Reed Farrel Coleman. Now the long-awaited sequel, Old Anger, is now available and is already scoring raves from Publishers Weekly, and authors like Joe R. Lansdale and S.A. Cosby. Phillip stopped by to share with us the story behind the story….

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Brash News: All Kinds of Praise

Our discovery and publication this month of Ralph Dennis’ lost manuscript ALL KINDS OF UGLY is big news in the publishing industry, making headlines in this week’s issue of Publishers Weekly…and CHAMPAGNE COWBOYS, the long awaited sequel to the double Spur Award winner DOUBLE WIDE, is coming out in just a few days!

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Uncovering the “DUST IN THE HEART”

I struggled over whether to publish Dust in the Heart or to keep it in a drawer. The original manuscript was nearly 100,000 words and it was a mess … and yet, there was still something haunting, melancholy, and powerful about the book that wouldn’t let me go…

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Barbara Neely Mystery Author

Barbara Neely Named Mystery Writers of America Grandmaster

Brash author Barbara Neely has been named this year’s Grandmaster by the Mystery Writers of America.

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FIREBALL – Long Lost, Unpublished Jimmy Sangster Novel Found

BIG NEWS! We’ve found a long-lost, never-before-published Jimmy Sangster novel! It’s called Fireball…and here is the incredible story behind the major, literary discovery.

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The Wit and Wisdom of Shell Scott

“He lay there with his face on the cement, in his own blood and wastes. Lesson for would be killers: Either don’t miss with your first shot, or else eat light, go to the john, take an enema, and be ready to die neat.” Kill Him Twice

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The Summer of Sangster

We’re declaring this the Summer of Sangster as we proudly release all of the incredible crime novels and espionage thrillers by Jimmy Sangster, one of the most beloved and versatile writers in the genre… and the truly legendary writer/producer/director of scores of classic Hammer Horror films in the UK.

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