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Lee Goldberg has written an essay for the CrimeReads website about how his love for Ralph Dennis' incredible Hardman series of crime novels led to him co-founding Brash Books. Here's an excerpt: Jim Hardman is in his 40s, a pudgy, balding ex-cop with a steady girlfriend…who does odd jobs with his drinking buddy Hump Evans, a black ex-NFL player who supports his playboy lifestyle by hiring himself out as muscle. They are functioning alcoholics, drinking booze morning, noon and night as if its mineral water, doing whatever they have to do, short of murder or bank robbery, to make a living in the seamy underworld of 1970s Atlanta, as equal partners and, although it remains unspoken,... more

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A Brash Birthday

Two years ago today, Edgar Award nominated novelist Joel Goldman and #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg launched Brash Books with thirty titles, most of them acclaimed, award-winning books that had fallen out of print...and that we brought back in new print and digital editions.   Their mission was ambitious: to publish the best crime novels in existence. We believe we've lived up to their brash goal. We now have nearly 100 titles in print, a dozen of them brand new books, several by authors who've never been published before. We couldn't be more proud of our books and our incredible line-up of authors.   Everyone at Brash Books wants to give our... more

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Lover Man by Author Dallas Murphy

Get Dallas Murphy's Edgar-Award nominated LOVER MAN absolutely free when you download the FREE Brash App...the best way to buy and read our ebook editions! Download the FREE Brash Books App on any Android or iOs device and read our books ​anywhere, anytime... across all of your electronic devices, from iPhones to tablets, laptops to PCs. We publish the best crime novels in existence and now we offer the best e-reader app in existence! Read our books when, where and how you want them...and experience the elegant, easy-to-use Brash e-reader app with its crisp, clean and paper-like pages. Get the FREE Brash App now and take advatage of EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS and FREE BOOKS... more

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I went to a crime writer's conference recently and a woman on one of the panels said that, to be a writer, you needed to have thick skin. It’s funny because, I’ve never felt I had thick skin. In fact, I’d say I have decidedly thin skin. As my mother used to say, right after she criticized me, “Don’t take everything so personally!” One particularly painful moment began when a person I’d asked to critique my work heaved a heavy sigh and said, “Well, opinions are like assholes – everyone has one.” At that moment, I knew I was really in for it. And, sure enough, the ripping and tearing soon began. Those painful moments stand out so much more clearly in my mind than... more

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Back in the Game

Mysterious Galaxy

I'm nervous. This Sunday I'll do my first book signing in years. An awful lot has changed in the publishing world. And I don't really know what to expect. Before I get to my anxiety-ridden musings, here are the details: I will be signing my new California caper, Off and Running, published by Brash Books, at the Mysterious Galaxy, next Sunday, Aug. 9, at 2 p.m. I would love to see you at this wonderful bookstore located at 5943 Balboa Ave, Ste. 100, San Diego, CA 92111. When I signed books for my first novel, a "Car Noir" caper Bird Dog, Kindle wasn't invented yet. It was a simple process: you went to a bookstore and bought a book. Now, books are digital. But authors are still... more

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Today is pub-day for our re-release of Mark Smith's The Death of the Detective , a National Book Award finalist and widely regarded as perhaps the best crime novel ever written. Author Ed Gorman, founder of Mystery Scene Magazine, took this opportunity to interview Mark. Here's their talk. It's got to be hard to top what many consider to be an American classic. What are you working on now? I have just finished a 168,000 word novel entitled Da Gama's Gold (a line from Robert Frost's "America Is Hard to See"), a reworking and reduction from a longer novel I spent too many years writing. It's likely my most ambitious work since The Death of the Detective, and whereas that novel took on... more

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