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Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk? Because you should. You're lucky because you're about to get some great writing advice courtesy of Dirty Harry and Gar Anthony Haywood, the author of Man Eater and Firecracker, both published by Brash Books.  Most people think that... "Go Ahead, Make My Day" . . . is the greatest line Inspector Harry Callahan of the San Francisco Police Department ever uttered. But I beg to differ. Clint Eastwood has snarled a lot a memorable things over the course of the five films in which he’s played the iconic Dirty Harry (DIRTY HARRY, MAGNUM FORCE, THE ENFORCER, SUDDEN IMPACT and THE DEAD POOL), but in my opinion, as meaningful snippets of film... more

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J. Kingston Pierce,  the editor of The Rap Sheet and the senior editor of January Magazine, reviews Gar Anthony Haywood's thriller Man Eater.  Cutthroat film development executive Ronnie Deal ("smart, single, and beautiful -- 'heartbreak in a tall, dark hourglass,' somebody had once called her") is sitting in an L.A. bar one day, nursing her anger at a rival for fouling up her "breakout film," when a "physically intimidating" black guy suddenly commences to wail on a "young, frail blonde woman" nearby. Reacting viscerally, her adrenaline poisoned by rage at her own manifest misfortunes, Ronnie shocks even herself by battering the thug unconscious with a beer bottle. Only later, when... more

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