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Treasure Coast by author Tom Kakonis

Many years ago my older sister was diagnosed with a virulent strain of cancer. Astonishingly, she survived that wicked malady almost twenty years before it eventually caught up to her. The final days of her life were spent in a Mayo Clinic hospital bed, and though we had never been close we shared many childhood memories, and so I spent many of those last days in a bumbling attempt to comfort her. During that deathwatch I must have absorbed some of the oppressive ambience of the hospital, its acrid odors, perpetual noisy bustle, occasional poignant sights, for many years after that, after my sister was long gone, when I sat down to write what would become Treasure Coast, those sensory... more

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Justice Never Sleeps by author Bob Forward

The premise is right there on the cover: "Justice Never Sleeps." The Owl is a man who can't fall asleep. Sounds a bit like the the idea Lawrence Block used in his series about Evan Tanner, but the execution is entirely different in this series of thriller books. While Block's books are breezy and funny, The Owl is deadly serious but great fun. It's also very much in the style of pulp novels about The Spider and The Shadow. The Owl "wanders the streets stalking his prey, hangs out in all-night diners, and never stays in one place long enough to cast a shadow." What the Owl does is get revenge for the people who pay for it. Two years of their salary, whatever that might be, is what he... more

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