Who is Brash Books?

In the beginning

We were founded by international men of mystery Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman, both Edgar-Award nominated, bestselling authors. Lee is the writer/producer of many successful TV series (including Diagnosis Murder and Monk) and is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 40 books, including the Fox & O’Hare series with Janet Evanovich. Joel traded his career as a practicing trial attorney to write the hugely successful and award-winning Lou Mason, Jack Davis, and Alex Stone thriller series. Together, these two golden boys share a passion for great crime novels – which led them to start their own publishing company.

Why We Are Here

We publish the books that we love – the widely-acclaimed, award-winning novels that have inspired, entertained, and wowed countless readers as well as today’s bestselling authors of thrillers and mysteries. We also publish innovative whodunits, espionage adventures and novels of suspense from well-established authors and exciting, new voices in crime fiction.

We Are Open for Submissions

Please send a ONE PAGE (at most) summary of the book and THE FIRST TWENTY FIVE PAGES as a Microsoft Word document to brashbooks@gmail.com. If we like the sample, we’ll request the entire manuscript. Do NOT send us the entire manuscript unless we ask for it.

We’re totally burned out on serial killer stories — so unless you’ve found an incredibly fresh and original new take on the tropes of the genre, don’t bother submiting your novel to us (and yes, we really mean it. If your novel is yet another story about a serial killer stalking prostitutes, or nuns, or priests, or sorority girls, etc. it’s an instant rejection) .

We’re also pretty tired of private eye novels. We already have several great, award-winning private eye series on our list, so yours would have to break the mold and create a new one for us to be interested in it (if your book is about a burned-out, bordering-on-alcoholic, haunted-by-the-past PI, usually an ex-cop or ex-reporter, working out of a shabby office when a beautiful woman walks in the door with a new case, not only will we reject the book, we might even kill ourselves).

We publish new novels that range in length from 60,000-80,000 words. On rare occasions, we’ll publish something longer, but never anything shorter. If your book clocks in at over 100,000 words,  it’s unlikely to find a home with us without substantial editing. 

We do NOT publish true crime, biographies, science fiction, horror, fantasy, or romance….or short story collections.



logowearRock Your Brash Style

Our founders Lee Goldberg & Joel Goldman always wear Brash logo shirts, polos, and sweaters at conferences. So many people have asked Lee & Joel where they can get their own Brash logo-wear that we’ve opened our own store. Now you can be brash, too! You can see the full selection of Brash logo wear here.